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  • OEM made velcro patches
OEM made velcro patches

OEM made velcro patches

  • Brand:OEM
  • Use :Cloth ,Shoes,Bag
  • Color: As your inquiry
  • Material :PVC
  • Description:Custom pvc patches uk
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I.Product Description

Item No:OAJ-P0019

II. Product Usage

Our soft PVC labels can be used on bags ,backpacks ,jackes,operator caps,outwear  ,City Councils,Sports and Social clubs ,Universities,Colleges,Clube and Companies ---almost anything.PVC patches are an excellent way to show off your LOGO or name.They can be attached by Hook and Loop or sewn on or even glued on . PVC patches can be attached to either fabric or hard surfaces .

III. Different kinds of PVC Patch

1.According to the mold process
1) Plane Patch - - the glue layers, each level in a horizontal plane.

2)Solid Patch - - in addition to the bottom, the whole pattern according to its
different parts, different height and size.

2. According to the production process:

1) Common Patch- -single pattern, on the other side blank.

2) Clamping Patch - - both pictures

3.According to the raw materials:

1) Environmental Patch- -mainly for PVC raw materials.

2)Not Environmental Patch - - raw materials mainly for EPE or CLICONE.

IV. How to make custom  PVC Patch ?

1.Send picture or tell us your idea.

2.We make the patch artwork.

3.Confirm the artwork ,then make the sample to confirm.

4.Do mass production according the sample

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